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Weekly Time Waster – ‘Hearthstone’

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A long time ago, kids, teens and even adults alike would gather together to play card games, testing each other’s decks to see who built the best one or who could beat anyone who challenged them. However, we've seen physical card games begin to fade away. Being someone who used to be an avid card game player, I was recommended to check out a mobile card game, and man what a surprisingly fun time I've had. I present to you, “Hearthstone.”

The tagline of: “Deceptively Simple, Insanely Fun” is one-hundred percent true for this game. “Hearthstone” is a digital collectible card game, set in the “World of Warcraft” universe. The answer to the question you may have in your mind is: No, you don't need to have a single bit of knowledge of the “WoW” universe to have fun with this game.

You take on the role of any of nine legendary hero characters, to play cards with others at a local tavern. You construct a deck using card packs (which you can buy with real money, but it is easy to earn them in game for free), and try to put a deck together that complements your playstyle. Full of different minions, perks, spell cards, and weapon cards, your play-style is completely up to you. Once your deck is built, you are free to play a slew of Single-Player adventures, or challenge millions of players around the world at a game of cards. You can even challenge your friends if they have the game too. What is nice about “Hearthstone” is that it tries and succeeds at keeping the action entertaining. As you fill the board with minions, they attack each other, with nice little animations, explosions, and even sound effects. The best part about “Hearthstone” is games play out fast, so a free five minutes of time will let you get through a game.

“Hearthstone” is free to download on Android, IOS and on PC.


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