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Weekly Time Waster

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Look back on wasting time

Wasting time is one of my favorite parts about this job and we've had some doozies! Matt Bellassai's 'Whine About It' segment earned me some critical mail (apparently enjoying the show is enabling his drinking habit which is true, but I still watch it). Enchanted Cave II and GemCraft: Chasing Shadows sucked away large portions of my time. Rusty Lake was also in the running for the epic 'Cube Escape' series that has a half dozen free escape games under their belt.

But the best one had to be Kongregate's 'Cute Overload Challenge.' This was going down the rabbit hole of wasting time, because it wasn't just one game it was a game about playing games. And it cute! And you won cute little 'Kongpanions' for playing it. All of the ingredients for a wasted life. Thank you Kongregate, you win at my being a loser!

Take a look at what I had to say about it back in January of 2015:


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