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Time Waster Z-Type

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'ZType' is an intense shooter with a twist you shoot as you type. Each of your enemies is accompanied by a word; as you type the word, it shoots the object floating menacingly towards you. Speed and accuracy are your friends in this game. If you mistype, you'll still be stuck on that word until you finish it - which means the other ships will be zeroing in on your location, and if they get there you're toast.

Some of the ships do more than just float menacingly at you: they launch new words, or scatter-shot letters across the screen. You then have more threats to deal with in addition to the words already in play.

It's intense.

One of the neat things is that you can get better, learn to anticipate your problem ships and deal with them while maintaining your cool with the simpler words. Then you see how far you can get and try to beat your best score.

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