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Time Waster - The Tower' (02/04/15)

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This game can be played on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. It's simple in premise, but incredibly challenging. Basically, you are trying to build the tallest tower. Simple, right? You have to stack the shifting blocks on top of each other as high as you can. If your structure isn't sound, you start losing bits of blocks, which makes stacking them all the more challenging.

Lining up the blocks perfectly leads to bonus points, which allows you to purchase upgrades. The upgrades do things like give you a head start or allow you to start over from a previous point rather than the beginning and more. The better you are, the better your bonuses.

The game is geared towards rewarding speed players rather than careful players. It's easier to drop perfect blocks if you do so quickly. But you don't want to be too quick, as you can start shaving off significant chunks of your tower blocks if you are careless which, of course, makes it harder to line up.

This is a fun, fast-paced game that will challenge you. You will find yourself playing it over and over and over again. You can try to beat your own score, or endeavor to beat the scores of your friends. Good time wasting. Find it on GooglePlay or the App Store or on this website:


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