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Time Waster - The Last Door

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The Last Door The Last Door

When was the last time a pixelated game scared you? I have horrific memories of being chased out of Hagatha's cave but a fast-moving, green-faced, cackling witch in 'King's Quest II,' but it's been a while since I've been truly jumped by a game that came from an 8-bit color palate.  Until 'The Last Door.'

This game starts dark you literally get to assist in an 8-bit suicide. But then the point of view changes, and you are a friend of Anthony Beechwood, who returns to the Beechwood Manor to investigate after receiving a cryptic letter from the gent who just offed himself.

It's basically point and click. Your cursor changes when you mouse over something you can interact with (a magnifying glass to look closer, a hand to pick something up or move something). As you gather clues, you have to solve some minor puzzles to figure out what happened in the house. There are some truly bone-chilling moments in the game, along with some cheap scares. But it's a good way to waste your time.

Though a relatively simple game, it's enthralling. The music, the art and the storyline are compelling. You can play the first two chapters for free, but they are asking for Kickstarter support to help with the third chapter. 


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