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Time Waster - Sugar, Sugar 3'

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This is one of the most challenging and fun physics games out there right now. The premise is the same as it was in previous games: Sugar pours from the comma separating 'Sugar, Sugar.' You have to direct the flow of sweet grains into the correct cups of coffee. White mugs take white sugar, and various other colored mugs will take the corresponding grains. There are some mugs that will cause you to lose a level if the wrong color grain enters. You control the flow of the grains by drawing lines that can change where the sugar falls. There are teleporters, sugar dyes and reverse gravity buttons. There's a lot of ways to get the sugar to your cup but can you?

Sometimes the flow of sugar seems endless, and other times you may only get a few scant grains that need to find their way into three or four or dozens of different cups.

This game balances the need to have some challenge with the corresponding desire to be able to win. And what's really great is there is freedom to win even if you don't do it in the most elegant way. I know for a fact that there were some levels where I hadwaytoo many lines. But the game doesn't punish you for thinking outside the box or not solving the puzzle in the way the designer envisioned. If you can do it, you win. It's that simple.

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