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Time Waster - Smash Car Clicker'

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Oh, idle games, you're here to stay. There's something about a game that plays itself that makes you, the player feel more than a little redundant. Yes, when you are playing you win faster; yes, you have to add upgrades to ensure you win more but ultimately, the game doesn't need you. And yet, here we are.

'Smash Car Clicker' is just such a game. Like most incremental games, you do play an active role in the beginning. Your job is to crush cars by jumping on them. You are paid per jump. You guessed it, you jump when you click (or tap, or whatever you happen to be using for an interface). The faster you click, the faster you make money. You can also call your friends and they can help you make more money. You pay for upgrades for them and for you to make more money faster.

One of the cute quirks about this particular game is that you can purchase new worlds. Basically, you're paying a lot of your hard-earned dough to change what you and your friends look like while crushing cars. Are you just a person? Or do you want to watch your sprite as a zombie? Or a robot? Or an alien? When you purchase a new world, you have to call your friends and upgrade them from scratch but Star Boy (your sprite) retains his previous upgrades, so making up the cash is short work.

Once you crush the car, you make significantly less money by jumping on it so there is a little planning involved, since you don't want to waste time (heh) jumping on a busted car. Buying a new one is expensive, so you do have to budget your upgrades if the car looks like it will be crushed soon.

The game has some flaws one, the guy who pops in to save your game. Well, annoying is the best you can say; if you aren't playing on mute, you might hate your ears. There's something off about the grammar. Winning the game can be a little tedious considering how much of a jump the cash bar makes towards the end. The game could have benefitted from a couple more backgrounds before having to wait for the victory screen.

All in all it's an OK way to waste time even if you don't actually have to be there to win. Play for free at


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