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Time Waster - Royal Squad'

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The tower defense game has a soft spot in my heart. There is something thrilling about having to plan out much of your defense in advance of an oncoming hoard or five, and 'Royal Squad' delivers a wonderful twist in this game.

You are a troupe of soldiers deep in enemy territory with a handful of archers and an eccentric mage. You are tasked with keeping the evil skeletons, zombies, mages and priests at bay while the main army tries to reunite with the ship. The story involves a spell is on the archers to keep them out of sight from the bad guys (a thin premise, sure, but do you really need a thicker one?).

As you advance across the map, you can upgrade your archers, traps, mages and teleporting militia men. And even once you get on the battlefield, you have an opportunity to change your mind but only after a cool-down period, so choose wisely. When the enemies begin to advance, your spells are also in a state of cool-down, which means you have to take care of the advancing baddies with just your archers and mages. And placing traps and casting area-of-effect spells has to be strategic, as they can hurt your friendlies.

As you go through levels, new bad guys are revealed with different powers, you're prompted by the scripts in-game about who to focus on and what nasty things they can hurl your way. If you find that you are getting steamrolled, take a look at where you are allocating your skill points they are designed to be rearranged depending on your section of the map and what difficulty level you are going through. Sometimes just focusing on certain skills can make or break a wave.

All in all, this is a quirky little defense game that makes you think and has a bit of fun with its own genre. Play for free at


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