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Time Waster - Multitask 2'

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This game is awesome and infuriating at the same time. The premise is to play games simultaneously for as long as you can. Each basic game is simple in and of itself. One requires you to avoid little arrows coming at your cursor. Others have you making jumps over small gaps, balancing a red dot on a line or avoiding a triangle coming at your semi-circle.

You wouldn't have an issue with any one of these games on their own. But the goal is to see how long you can play more than one at a time sometimes up to four at a time (maybe more, but since the author could barely cut it playing four, talented readers will have to find out for themselves).

Once you achieve a certain amount of gameplay time you unlock another style of play. The standard game starts you playing one and instructs you how to play each mini-game, pausing as a new one is added.

Challenge Mode has you playing only three but as you progress the games themselves get increasingly more difficult, with jumps or threats coming more frequently along with increases in speed.

The difficulty actually lies in the game's deceptive simplicity. It can be incredibly fun if you don't punch your screen out. Play it for free at


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