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Time Waster - MemRise

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This Time Waster may not be entirely accurate, since you may not actually be wasting your time. However, time does pass, it's fun and competitive, and it's free. So quite a bit of the criteria are met; you'll have to decide.

MemRise is an online learning tool that allows you to learn new languages or brush up on those you may have let fall to the wayside after high school or college. We're talking hundreds of languages, including modern languages as well as the classics of Ancient Greek, Latin, Ancient Egyptian and Anglo Saxon (Old English).

The course uses multiple mnemonic devices to help establish a memory, such as quick multiple choice trials, typing the word or picking the word from a jumble of other words. The course mixes new words with words previously learned as you make your way through it.

You can take multiple courses at the same time and see how you rank against other people taking the same course. Now there is an option to pay to upgrade your service if you prefer, which gives you access to more ways to track your progress and allows you to review words you are having difficulty with.

So whether you just want to expand your vocabulary or brush up for a quiz, check it out at


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