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Time Waster - Looming'

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Minimalist games can be incredibly fun and challenging, and still have mood and atmosphere. As someone who has been playing games since text-based adventures, I'm well aware that it isn't graphics that make a game fun. 'Looming' once again proves that point.

With basically three colors (black, white and gray), you are transported to the world of Looming. You are alone, but you are not the first to come here. You read letters between persons named September (you) and January, your mysterious love. You have to collect artifacts, solve puzzles and ultimately find various ways out of Looming only to return again and again.

There are nine different 'endings.' To reach them you have to collect and learn about this world's previous occupants and the Epiphany that precipitated their leaving or dying.

The puzzles are not terribly complicated (I was able to figure them out, which I can only imagine sets the bar a little low), but it's still a fun, moody game that will keep you hooked until you find all the trinkets and open all the portals.

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