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Time Waster - Decision III'

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Oh, zombies, will we ever get tired of killing you? I hope not. 'Decision III,' like 'Decision II,' focuses on the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. But unlike the previous iteration, this happens in modern, not medieval times. The brilliance of the game remains: you have to decide how to spend your time. At the outset it seems straightforward, but as you progress it becomes exponentially more complex as you will need to decide many things, from which province to patrol, whether you want to directly assault the zombie menace, scout for resources, improve structures you've captured or improve yourself.

When you're on the streets, you come across other survivors and can add them to your team or send them back to the camp. People on your team can help you improve structures or work in retaken buildings to produce materials you need for further improvements. In order to have a team, you have to have shelter for them. And you find shelter like you find most things, by fighting a bunch of zombies that are in the way. These improvements can have side effects, such as attracting more zombies or making an area more secure, but it always comes at a cost.

Now, when you do one thing, that means you are not doing something else. And often time this means zombies get to attack you and you have to fend them off. I feel like the wall defense has become much easier, which means I don't rage-quit as much as I did with the last game.

Some other nice improvements are new types of zombies, new weapons and upgrades. You will waste so much time with this game, I almost feel bad about writing about it. Almost. Check it out for free at


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