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Time Waster: 'Coloruid'

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'Coloruid' is a challenging and unique color-based game. You have a certain number of moves depending on the level. You can select from five colors (blue, green, pink, yellow and orange) and use them to fill in other colors. What makes this game interesting is that there are physics at play, and the color blobs are not always static. They can ooze out of their designated spots, and when you fill in a color with a new one, each of the boxes shakes, and it can change up your playing field.

As you advance in levels, things become more challenging, but never rise to the level of being rage-inducing. In fact, the soothing guitar music playing throughout the game is lovely and worth a listen even if you don't ever play the game.
There are 16 levels in all; they become increasingly more difficult as you go. Check them out for free at


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