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Time Waster - Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets

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Twitter is a strange and wonderful place where ordinary folks can rub virtual elbows with celebrities of all stripes. Said ordinary people can also be incredibly mean about those lofted up on pedestals. For Twitter's sixth anniversary, Jimmy Kimmel decided to have the celebrities who have been trashed by your average Joe and Jane read those tweets aloud to hilarious results.

I suppose it must be said that even though the expletives have been blurred out, you may want to use discretion if you're easily offended or have small children you don't want speaking in bleeps.

There are six separate installments for celebrities reading mean Tweets, and really that's not enough. Here's hoping Kimmel does a few more on his show. You can check them out on YouTube (just search for 'Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets') or you know, try to stay up and watch the show. However you feel like wasting your time is fine with me.

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