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Time Waster - Ultimate Santa Battle'

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Tis the season to destroy Shadow Demons with your elf sidekicks and get enough money to buy all the children of the world presents for Christmas because that is what 'Ultimate Santa Battle' is all about.

This is an upgrade shooter where you play as St. Nick, buy upgrades as you level up, and try to destroy the minions of evil to the tune of many a rocking Christmas ballad. He knows when you are sleeping, and knows when you have been captured by evil shadow spawn bet you wish you had been good so Santa would save your butt from darkness, eh?

This is a fun and at times incredibly frustrating game. It's part of the nature of upgrade shooters you have to die in order to really have those upgrades stack properly. As you defeat more bad guys, you get better upgrades, faster elf minions frost, fire and poison damage and more. But as you progress so do your enemies and you will find yourself pitted against more than one foe at a time scrambling to both avoid the red bubbles of your foes, as well as their dark friends.

If you can survive through 15 waves of evil Christmas will be saved. If you can't, well, you get to keep your upgrades and try again.

You can play for free at


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