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Time Waster - The Enchanted Cave 2'

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If mini-RPGs are your thing, then this game is your thing. This game is a dungeon crawl of epic proportions. You play a curious hero who has heard about an enchanted cave filled with treasure. You can enter, but the only way to leave is by finding a set of enchanted wings which is actually very easy.

What isn't so easy is knowing when to use them. When you start, you're a green stick. You don't have much in the way of health or gear, both of which change as you make your way deeper into the dungeon. You'll probably find your wings on the second or third tier. The trick is, when you use your wings you lose all your gear that isn't an 'artifact' (artifacts are highlighted in gold). So if you had a really spiffy sword of fire, you lose it.

This can be frustrating but not nearly as frustrating as getting cocky and then dying. That's frustrating. Every 10 levels is a shop where you can buy and sell items, enchant your gear and craft potions using reagents you find in chest or from the corpses of your slain enemies. And this is where the game really shines. You can really trick your character out in some fine swag, as well as deal out some serious hurt if you take the time to invest in your equipment. Each item typically has two enchants (attack or defense most of the time), and you can choose which one you use.

Enchanting costs mana, so the more you have, the more items you can enchant. You can only have two active enchantments on any one item. But considering you have slots for torso, legs, boots, hands, head, weapon, shield and three rings, you can get pretty spiffed out. Unfortunately, your sprite doesn't reflect your changes in wardrobe. And ladies, once again, you'll have to play as a dude because there is no option for a female player.

Also, once you reach a shop-keeper, you've made it so you can fast-travel to that level instead of having to muck through dozens of levels to get there. But that also means you are foregoing gold, experience, and items in favor of speed. If you opt to start from ground zero, you will find that enemies that gave you pause at early levels become a cake walk. But often you will find yourself facing surprisingly difficult enemies as you progress, and you will need to weigh whether you want to head for friendly ground or try your luck with one more enemy and hope it won't be your last.

As you progress you can also find secret areas that detail the machinations of a certain necromancer and the enchanted cave suddenly takes on more sinister notes. No spoilers!

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