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Time Waster - Rocket Santa'

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'Rocket Santa' is a launch game in which Santa is trying to get gifts to men stationed on the moon. (You realize that you don't need a ton of plot for some of these games.)

Bereft of Reindeer, Santa propels himself with increasingly more powerful rockets and collects 'space cash' on his way up (remember what I said about plot?). It's a simple game, and as you get higher you get more cash to purchase more upgrades and eventually break free of the atmosphere and shoot the moon.

Most launch games are easy, with the focus being more on the upgrades than the gameplay but this is even more boring than some. Aiming is nearly pointless, since the placement of coins is so randomized you may as well shoot straight up until you run out of gas. All objects you pass vanish, and you don't even get a chance to try to collect them on your catastrophic descent to earth. Which is lame. Not that this is a game that is striving for realism.

But if you're looking for a holiday-themed game to kill time this is that. Play it for free at


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