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Time Waster Merry Clickmas'

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Time Waster Merry Clickmas' Time Waster Merry Clickmas'

Wasting time with a holiday theme is difficult. Finding a game that is both endearing and fun can be downright impossible. There are puzzles with Christmas themes, a game where you can paint Christmas ornaments various colors and patterns, and even a re-tooled zombie game with Santas. I just wasn't feeling it.

Then I found 'Merry Clickmas.' It's one of the simple clicker games (see past games like 'Cookie Clicker'). But with this one you are tasked with saving Christmas. This means you need to build toys and wrap them for everyone in the world. That's right, 7.1 billion toys need to be crafted and wrapped by you (in click form, of course). But don't despair - impossible as it would be to click 7.1 billion times, you have options. Like 'Cookie Clicker,' you can purchase upgrades with your wrapped presents. Hire elves, invest in training and horrible working conditions, machinery and tricks for fast toy creation and smoother wrapping. 

Also, you can start playing Christmas music to increase elf productivity. Increase the speed of your reindeer by decorating the stalls. Put up a Christmas tree and more. I haven't figured out everything yet, but I'm working on it. And hopefully, I can save the day before Santa has to fly.

You can check out this simple yet addictive game at Don't waste too much time, or you won't have enough to do your own shopping.


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