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Time Waster - AdVenture Capitalist

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Incremental games are all the rage now, and I have grown quite the soft spot for them in my time-wasting golden years. They allow you to micromanage as much as you like, and also just let the game go on its merry way for hours and even days, racking up points, candy - or, in this wonderful new iteration, money.

'AdVenture Capitalist' features you as a bright young up-and-comer making money in various fields starting as a humble lemonade stand, but making investments, purchasing new businesses and hiring on managers and eventually getting angel investors.

You hire managers to make money while you are away. You buy more shares to increase the pace at which you make money, and when you want to get a better percentage, you cash in your shares for an angel investor and basically start all over again.

The game has a fun, '50s vibe to it lots of monocles and bootstraps and good-ol'-boy feel to it. The music is straight out of that genre, with a quirky sense of humor to back it up.

One of the things that keeps this fun is cashing out for an angel investor. Most incremental games can make me lose my interest, because I stop being a relevant part of the game after a certain point. This allows you get back into the game, so to speak, and still get that little organizational fix that makes the games fun to begin with.

You can play it for free at sites like

Also, if incremental games are your thing either playing them or building them, Reddit has a sub for you: /r/incrementalgames will have you clicking, upgrading and finding new ways to waste your time. Check it out at


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