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Time Waster - Don't Escape 2'

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There are various games that task you with trying to escape from a pixelated room of some kind. 'Don't Escape 2' is a play on that concept, but rather than trying to get out, you're trying to ward off the hungry dead.

You and your friend Bill, who has been bitten by a zombie (and we all know what happens when you are bitten by a zombie), have found an abandoned building. You have until sunset to fortify your position. Eight hours seems like a long time, until you realize that some of the things you have to do take large chunks of that time, especially if you are doing them alone.

You also have to be thorough. Because of the intentional graininess of the game, it's easy to overlook things important things. And there is more than one way to do things in the game. But actions have consequences. It can be frustrating to run back and forth when you feel like you've forgotten something or can't figure out how to access something you know you'll need. But that just heightens the tension of the game that culminates when you either run out of time or opt to wait out the shambling dead.

And it's the tension that really sells the game. You will second guess yourself all the time was there a better tool to use? Should I go back to get that thing? I wonder how far I could go if I just . And you can try again and see what would happen if you did things a little different. But it can be a little depressing. This game does include zombies and having to decide exactly what you're going to do about Bill. Poor Bill.

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