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Time Waster - Deep Sea Diver 2'

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Deep Sea Diver 2' Deep Sea Diver 2'

In 'Deep Sea Diver 2,' you are surprise, surprise - a deep sea diver searching for treasure. You've gotten some hot leads about where to find some treasure. 

This is a mouse-only game where you can dive deeper and longer and ward off more difficult opponents.

Most of the game is fairly simple. Try to shoot down or avoid undersea baddies. If you take too much damage or run out of fuel, you return to the surface. But as you gather more treasure from the ocean floor, you can purchase upgrades.

Upgrades for your submarine affect your loot magnet, damage of your torpedoes and the speed in which you can fire them, the range at which you can shoot the fish and the range of your loot magnet. Most of the skill involves mouse control and not diving faster than you can see. You can be damaged by the fishes colliding with your vessel, some of the beasties have a ranged attack, and you can also bounce off the walls themselves.

The boss fights are somewhat glitchy, and you may find yourself relying more on luck or at least a decent hull integrity rather than skill.

Though it's a decently fun game, you will certainly max out your upgrades far before you finish the game. Kind of a bummer. Check it out on or


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