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Time Waster - CirculO'

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'CirculO' is a physics puzzle game that, like all the great games, is deceptively simple. You are a solid color circle and you have to collect a number of hollow circles in each level to advance the game.

The play area is a circle, and your obstacles are circles with the occasional line. You use the left and right arrow keys to move and with that using nothing but momentum, timing and gravity have to overcome obstacles to get the ring you need to advance. With each ring, your play area expands obstacles remain; some static, some mobile. It's really rather challenging. But some are easier than others and can be solved.

Some rely on speed, some on careful maneuvering, and some you need to manipulate the environment to win. Sometimes you just smash your hands on the arrow keys and pray. It's a fun game and will waste your time. Play it for free at


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