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Time Waster - Burrito Bison: Revenge'

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Don't you hate it when you've launched yourself out of whimsical candy land filled with gummi bears that you have squished, pummeled and otherwise reduced to jelly only find you've left your wallet behind? Yeah, so does Burrito Bison. That's why he's returned to the ring to fight once more and reclaim his wallet the rightfully belongs to him.

Because you need a legitimate reason to play this game. Right?

This is basically the same cute and weird launch game that it was a few years ago, but with more gummies to squish and gadgets to use to squish them (including other gummies). Propeller hats, rockets, planes, balloons and even fat gummy bears (fatter, anyway).

As you go, you get money (from the bears you've destroyed) to oil yourself up and purchase rocket propulsion and a chance to encounter richer gummies to steal from. The further you go, the better your chance of getting your wallet back. You have to have sufficient speed to bust through the doors that separate each level, but that becomes easier as you progress. You even get to upgrade your initial opponent and a perfect hit can help really launch your career (yuk, yuk!).

This is a fun game with a bit of unnecessary violence, but that's never stopped anyone from playing a video game before. Just remember, no gummy bears were hurt in the making of this video game.

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