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Time Waster - 3D Solitaire'

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All laptops, smart phones and tablets are being distributed with a new version of the classic solitaire game: '3D Solitaire.' This game comes separate from your device. Wrapped in a six-sided, multi-fold carrier called a 'deck' you will receive 52 3D printed objects called 'cards.'

The user interface is highly advanced. You interact directly with the cards, laying them out in front of you (this is called 'dealing'). The cards respond to your every move flipping when you flip them with your actual fingers. The tactile sensation of the cards is a nice touch, and the card flipping sound is amazing.

The player deals six cards face down, and then the seventh is placed face up. Next, five cards are placed atop the previous cards, and the sixth is placed face up. This is repeated until the entire 'deck' has been 'dealt.'

The rest of the game is played identically to the 2D version that was popularized by Windows. The only downfall is, if you win, you will have to manually make the cards bounce all over the place, as they are not programmed to do so on their own.


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