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Time Waster - 21 Questions Wrong

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Most games test your skill in some way and this is no different, but not in the way you'd think. It's a simple premise, you have to answer 21 questions, but you have to get them wrong in order to proceed. Being wrong is harder than you think. In order to get things really wrong, you still need to know the answer. If you don't, then your odds of having to restart the game increase dramatically.

This is amped up by the fast-pace of the game. You have mere seconds to select the incorrect answer and even though there are only two options the pressure is on.

The only drawback to the game is that the questions are the same and not randomized in any way. It would be more fun and have a larger sense of replayability if there were more questions that shuffled. But as it stands now, it's a fun, albeit frustrating way to waste a bit of time.

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