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Time Waster (03-23-2016)

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Infinite City'

There are some beautiful things on the internet (as evidenced by the subreddit /r/internetisbeautiful which happens to be where I stumbled across this little gem). Some things have an educational purpose, some are interesting marketing projects and some are projects for web designers. 'Infinite City' seems to be a Javascript project that randomly generates a city for you to explore. It's beautiful, full of dark, towering buildings illuminated from within.

You can fly over it, glide along the streets peering at the silhouettes in the windows or just admire the view. There's not much to do, but it is nice to explore.

This is part of Google Chrome's Chrome experiments. You should probably use a Chrome browser to view this city, but I'm not sure if it's a requirement (since I use Chrome as default). Check it out for free here.


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