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Time Waster (03-02-2016)

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Run 3'

There is something satisfying about a simple game that requires your undivided attention. It drives you ever onward, unceasing. 'Run 3' is such a game. You run and jump through tubular worlds that you explore. As you unlock levels, things can become more challenging, but you also have access to ways of moving (like roller blades!).

Your environment is also a challenge. One of the most interesting aspects is the 360-degree world that your sprite has access to. We're used to just running in one direction, but you can follow the path as it curls into the ceiling, and the camera will adjust your view as you defy the laws of gravity. But this can also pose challenges, as you must time jumps and maneuvers to coincide with where the floor is - or isn't. And then there is the issue of some of the panels falling away once you've hit them once. Which can be fine, unless they are attached to tiles ahead of you.

'Run 3' is a fast-paced, fun game. Play it for free at


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