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Time Waster (02-24-2016)

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Cube Escape: Birthday'

Continuing the haunting series of 'Cube Escape' games, Rusty Lake has put out another free escape game on the heels of the 'Rusty Lake Hotel' game which you can buy in the app store, on Steam or via their website ( This latest release brings you into the past of the recurring character Dale Vandermeer, who first appeared in 'Cube Escape: Case 23.'

You are placed in the point of view of young Dale, who is enjoying his ninth birthday party with his parents and grandfather when things go suddenly and horribly wrong. But does the darkness need to remain?

This is another masterful puzzle game that is steeped in symbolism with dark hints of changing a bloody and troubled past but to what end? The motivations of all involved are suspect, including the protagonist. The mystery of these games is deeply compelling, something that is hard to carry over such a large series, but the team over at Rusty Lake continue to deliver incredibly captivating and disturbing content.

It's great that they have given the community another free 'Cube Escape.' If you enjoy their games and wish to support their efforts, try purchasing 'Rusty Lake Hotel' it's worth the price of admission. Play 'Cube Escape: Birthday' for free at


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