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Time Waster (02-17-2016)

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Blacksmith Lab'

'Blacksmith Lab' is a clicker game, but though it does have an idle mode, you are best served when you are actively playing it. You own a smithy, and your goal is to make things, fill orders and upgrade your smith so you can upgrade and fill more orders.

All the while there are other things going on in the world, like thieves that steal your money, investments you can make in town, gifts you can receive and so on. The more you actively play, the more you can do things like put out literal fires in your forge or take advantage of lower risk investments at the bank but you can't do those things if you are just forging idly in the background.

That aspect really keeps you involved in the game though it can be a trap if you're trying to get actual work done.

The real challenge comes from trying to fill orders. You have to make a certain number of items that meet the customers' requirements - e.g., vampires put in an order for 15 silver swords of luck, which means you need to be mining silver, making swords and enchanting them with luck. The materials you use, the items you make and the enchantment they are imbued with affect how many of each item you need. It takes several silver swords to make one sword of luck, you see. So some math is involved. And you only have a certain amount of time to fill the order. The good news is, the order won't change, and you will have time to stock up if you need to.

You can also buy and trade apples and wine on the medieval stock market. Who knew? Buy low and sell high.

You can waste an ungodly amount of time with this game. Play it for free at


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