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Time Waster (02-10-2016)

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Kongregate's Best Games of 2015

These weekly wastes of precious time are incredibly fun for me to seek out and enjoy long enough to put forth a decent review, whether that involves playing games, watching a YouTube series or finding that odd webpage.

One of my favorite Flash game sites is Kongregate. Some people don't like to play games on sites I do. For me, playing on my work computer, when I play on a site like Kongregate, Armor Games or NewGrounds, I feel more secure. Additionally, they have meta-games. You can earn points, level up, get badges and, in the case of Kongregate, Kongpanions little pets that are cute. A game about playing games is nothing new. But Kongregate took it a new level with their Best of 2015, encouraging players to fill in badges they may have missed last year at the beginning of this one.

They picked the top 10 games of 2015 many of which I have played but I didn't have all the badges for all of them. Others I had missed completely. I filled in gaps in my repertoire with games like 'Don't Escape 3,' a creepy piece of work where you find yourself on a derelict spacecraft where something terrible has happened. It's your job to escape or find out what happened to the crew (hint: it's bad). 'Rusty Lake: Case 23' is a game I had played, just not on Kong it gave me a chance to revisit that creepy piece of work. 'Decision III' is another game featured in the pages.

This is a great way to waste extra time maybe more time than you should. Check it out at


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