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Time Waster (02-03-2016)

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Small Worlds'

There is too much noise.

-'Small Worlds'

This is a short and beautiful pixel exploration game. Your character is nothing more than a sprite, so things are so zoomed in they seem blocky and distorted. As you explore, the camera zooms out to give you a better view on the world, and things come into focus.

The first world your home seems to be a mostly abandoned space station. It is your job to jump to four different worlds and find the glowing beacons to get to the final stage of the game. But the point of the game is to saturate yourself in the exploration and strange, sometimes grim beauty of these odd worlds.

The music at your home base is discordant and disturbing. But it becomes lovely and ethereal in some of the other worlds you visit.

Pixel art is one of the most unappreciated forms. And 'Small Worlds' does a wonderful job of making that the focal point of the game. It's really about seeing things and experiencing them. There are no enemies. And your ultimate goal - well, you have to decide if it's worth it.

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