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Time Waster (01-20-2016)

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Reach the Core'

'Reach the Core' is a fun upgradeable game where you are trying to reach the core of a planet with your remote mining machine to get fuel that your ship needs to keep on trucking. Unlike many 'launch' games, where you propel your avatar as high as can, 'Reach the Core' is different and superior in many ways.

It's less about simple blast physics, or hitting the sweet spot on takeoff, and more about managing your mining bot's battery power and gathering the blocks you need while avoiding or strategically destroying threads in the forms of burrowing insects, mines and lasers (though it is unclear how the lasers function underground they just do). Some of the lasers target your health, others will simply drain your battery, but the end result is the same. If you run out of power, or your drill runs out of health, you have to return to recharge or repair.

As you get closer to the planet's core, the earth itself begins to damage your craft, and you need to invest in thermal protection or you will just destruct over time.

This makes the game much less random than most upgrade-style games. You have to actively participate, and depending on how you invest your parts, you can plan your route more successfully.

Another interesting aspect to the upgrades is that it isn't an automatic 'upgrade=better.' Each upgrade has its own upgrades, and pros and cons accompany each installation. But you can also mix and match hulls, drill bits, batteries and gadgetry to accomplish specific goals and achievements. This brings the game to a new level, beyond 'upgrade till you win' like the majority of similar games.

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