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The Mary Sue

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There are endless geeky ways to waste time on the internet. But for some odd reason, geeking out is stereotypically a boys club. Any lass who has been outed as a femme on an anonymous message board usually feels the classless sting of little boys who still act like they're in the 'cooties' phase.

But there is a geeky site that knows that there is an audience for the geek girl: the Mary Sue ( You'll be directed to all the very best geek blogs, videos and articles, especially if there is a feminine streak involved.

This doesn't mean the website is all for girls - boys are certainly allowed. But it's also to give gals a place to relax and discuss their geekery in a friendly setting.

Why 'The Mary Sue'? It's a term for an impossibly beautiful and skilled female character that takes over a fictional series (Check out their excellent explanation here:

Whether you're a geeky girl, or just a geek who is determined to eschew gender roles, you can do worse than check out The Mary Sue.

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