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A new twist on a match and vanish game (think 'Bejeweled' and its ilk), in 'StikyLinky' you're looking to collect evolved specimens of different colors in levels of various difficulty. Clicking on blobs of like color (two or more) will make them vanish, but your goal is to collect evolved specimens. The way to get them to evolve is to click on clusters of five or more. That will get you a cute critter which you then have to collect the same way you make the other blobs disappear.

Your goals will vary from level to level, with different challenges posed by you environment (time of day, blobs locked in ice or captured in bubbles) changing the dynamic of how the linked blobs interact and fall. Plus, there are some mind-boggling challenging levels where you lose blobs to the rising tide, or can dump them into the sea or off a cliff. As you remove blobs, more float in to keep the game going. The number of clicks you get to make matches is determined by your 'mana,' and you can replenish it in-game.

This game is simple on the surface, but its complexities are what will keep you playing and frustrated. That and the cute l'il faces. It's available for free at

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