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The internet is where we waste all of our time. One place you can be sure to siphon off hours at a time is Reddit - the front page of the Internet.

This is a time waster of epic proportions, mostly because you can tailor your experience to your specific interests. Are you a gamer? Into politics? Religious? Atheist? A parent? Into some sick fetish? You can seriously find a subreddit for you. And if you can't, you can make your own.

It works by creating an account and posting links to things on the internet that you find interesting. That's it. If you like a link, you upvote it. If you hate a link you downvote it. You can search Reddit based on top stories, controversial links (lots of up and down votes), newest, etc.

So whether you want to find hot topics in the news, or just feel like chuckling at funny pictures and videos, you can do it on Reddit. And once you start you'll wonder how you ever wasted time in other ways.

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