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Planet Juicer

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I never thought I'd see the day where it became difficult to waste time. But there you go. Apologies for the lack of time-wasting tidbits, but free time becomes a premium when you have kids. For those of you about to waste your time, I salute you. Here's a decent way:

Planet Juicer. This game is a strategy defense. You play the evil invading planet bent on milking a planet for all its resources. The natives don't like this plan and try to stomp you out of existence. Your goal is to stay alive. You do this by defending the drill site, upgrading your unit and pulping any aliens that try to stop you.

This is a classic defense game, but they keep the money tight. There are also a few surprises in the research field that make it imperative that you spend your money wisely. If you research that fancy weapon too soon, you won't be able to hire the grunts to defend your lines. But if you don't invest in upgrades, you will be overrun.

It is a clever little game, but the difficulty ramps up quickly. You go from a relaxing pace to upgrading your men in the face of almost certain death too quickly - for me, anyway. Some may enjoy a sudden, unexpected challenge.

You can find Planet Juicer and play for free at, and it was designed by Yellow Bouncy Ball. You can see more of his games and cartoons at


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