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Have magic wand, will travel. Something like that. 'Paladog' is set in the far future, after humans have been eradicated from the planet. Sweet little animals have been beset by demons and undead minions. The only thing between the cute critters and a gruesome end is Paladog.

As Paladog, you summon brave critters to battle the forces of evil, purchase upgrades, magical weapons and rings and fight! You have to destroy your opponent's lair that allows the evil demons to spawn in your forest. Additionally, there are some puzzle levels to mix up the action.

The only trouble I have, and it may sort itself out eventually, is that the game starts out easy-peasy and then some levels are inexplicably difficult. It doesn't seem to matter what I pick for a wand or ring, it's just so much harder than the levels before (and in some cases after). But all in all, it's a fun way to waste your time.

The game was developed by Fazecat and is available to play for free on

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