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Thursday, 11 July 2013 11:27

Rolling Ghosts

Written by Katy England

Oh physics puzzle games, I love you and I hate you. 

In 'Rolling Ghosts,' the player is tasked with assisting blobs that have been turned to ghosts by evil dark blobs. Over the course of 30 levels, you reanimate the blobs, who exist in various shapes (round, square, triangular and rectangular), use the different physics in relation to the environment to keep them alive and destroy the evil blobs in the process. The catch is, if they fall off the screen or overlap with another blob that is being reanimated they die a horrible death, much to the chagrin of the other blobs on screen.


Sunday, 23 September 2012 09:23


Written by Katy England

A new twist on a match and vanish game (think 'Bejeweled' and its ilk), in 'StikyLinky' you're looking to collect evolved specimens of different colors in levels of various difficulty. Clicking on blobs of like color (two or more) will make them vanish, but your goal is to collect evolved specimens. The way to get them to evolve is to click on clusters of five or more. That will get you a cute critter which you then have to collect the same way you make the other blobs disappear.

Friday, 31 August 2012 09:23

Sushi Cat: The Great Purrade

Written by Katy England

Cats are behind the invention of the internet. This global network of computers exists to look at cute pictures of cats. And boy, do we! But sometimes you want more than just looking at cats. You want to pick them up with chopsticks and drop them on adorable anthropomorphized sushi so you can win a video game!

Well, that's what you do with the Sushi Cat series. This series has just added another to its repertoire. I can't really satisfactorily explain my love for this game in a way that makes sense. I mean, if you were to think about it logically, it wouldn't wash, but dropping a bouncy blue cat on adorable sushi(s) and watching him get super-fat and bouncier is just awesome to me.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 15:40

Planet Juicer

Written by Katy England

I never thought I'd see the day where it became difficult to waste time. But there you go. Apologies for the lack of time-wasting tidbits, but free time becomes a premium when you have kids. For those of you about to waste your time, I salute you. Here's a decent way:

Planet Juicer. This game is a strategy defense. You play the evil invading planet bent on milking a planet for all its resources. The natives don't like this plan and try to stomp you out of existence. Your goal is to stay alive. You do this by defending the drill site, upgrading your unit and pulping any aliens that try to stop you.

Thursday, 31 May 2012 09:01


Written by Katy England

Have magic wand, will travel. Something like that. 'Paladog' is set in the far future, after humans have been eradicated from the planet. Sweet little animals have been beset by demons and undead minions. The only thing between the cute critters and a gruesome end is Paladog.

As Paladog, you summon brave critters to battle the forces of evil, purchase upgrades, magical weapons and rings and fight! You have to destroy your opponent's lair that allows the evil demons to spawn in your forest. Additionally, there are some puzzle levels to mix up the action.

Monday, 26 March 2012 10:26


Written by Katy England

Good puzzle games are a balancing act at least for me. Difficult enough for a challenge, but not so hard you throw in the towel at level two. NetBots is precisely this.

The concept is simple, you have to connect the dots, form different Tetris-style shapes that fit in a particular space. Sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it takes you a try or five. The first few levels you'll zip through with ease, but there's a subtle challenge to puzzles like this that I find positively addicting.

Friday, 16 March 2012 16:49


Written by Katy England

Mochigames's latest offering combines a turn-based fighter with gem-swapping action. You can play as either Ryu, an adorable space-puppy who dishes out some Kung-fu action; or Pixel, a kitty of the future who slices and dices enemies with her claws.

The action is meted out by swapping gems, matching three of a kind will grant your avatar certain powers basic attack, power attack, healing, counter-attack or defense. If you match four of a kind you get an extra turn. Match five on a corner and you get a black hole that sucks in surrounding gems and allows you to use all it hits (it makes sense when you do it, and it's awesome). And if you match five in a row you get a rainbow black hole and allows you to take all gems of that color off the board.

Wednesday, 09 November 2011 15:46

Motivation RPG

Written by Katy England

Let's face it, becoming a healthy person is hard. It's not always that it's difficult to find the time, but that it's difficult to find that little sliver of motivation to spur you into action. Just think for a second about how much time you waste in front of your computer. We're helping you do that right now.

Well, this helps to counteract that. Using a very basic role playing game (RPG) format, Motivation RPG prompts you to do small things that improve your overall lifestyle, from eating healthy to getting some exercise. Your reward is also winning in the mini-game. As you progress, you can upgrade your equipment and spells and destroy your enemies in new and hilarious was (currently my armor is a loincloth and I strike foes with a tennis racket). 

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 14:45

I Waste So Much

Written by Katy England

 So, you're looking to just kill a little time, don't so much feel like reading anything intellectual, your sense of humor is slightly askew, and you have hours to kill before you sleep? You need to check out Because you will do exactly what it says.

It's full of jokes of questionable taste, popular internet memes, cartoons, videos and pictures. The site is updated frequently and if you're new, you can expect to lose huge amounts of time catching up.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 14:38

The Mary Sue

Written by Katy England

There are endless geeky ways to waste time on the internet. But for some odd reason, geeking out is stereotypically a boys club. Any lass who has been outed as a femme on an anonymous message board usually feels the classless sting of little boys who still act like they're in the 'cooties' phase.

But there is a geeky site that knows that there is an audience for the geek girl: the Mary Sue ( You'll be directed to all the very best geek blogs, videos and articles, especially if there is a feminine streak involved.

This doesn't mean the website is all for girls - boys are certainly allowed. But it's also to give gals a place to relax and discuss their geekery in a friendly setting.

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