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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 23:18

Time Waster - Final Fantasy Record Keeper'

Written by Aaron Waite

'Final Fantasy Record Keeper' might as well be called 'We Packaged A Bunch of Nostalgia Up For You.' Square Enix has taken the 'Final Fantasy' series, condensed it down into a lovely sprite form, and made a fair free-to-play system that doesn't feel pay-to-win, the end result being an excellent stop-and-pop mobile game that tugs on the heartstrings of fans old and new.

The (fairly light) story revolves around the keeper of a gallery of the 'Final Fantasy' stories getting thrust into all of the worlds he's been taking care of after an event throws all of history into chaos. The result is a game-hopping romp that collects your favorite characters and scenes from a myriad of 'Final Fantasy' games and mashes them together in glorious, turn-based combat. You set up your party, pick a game world to hop into and then fight your way through dungeons, leveling up and reliving the past glories of the SNES, PS1 and PS2 games, complete with fantastically made sprite art. Party customization is robust, and setting up your party for success with equipment and abilities is just as important as your character levels.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 10:26

Time Waster - Bubble Tanks II'

Written by Katy England

There is so much to love about 'BubbleTanks.' Something so whimsical as tanks made of bubbles, shooting bubbles and popping bubbles it's fun, satisfying and, most importantly, the music is soothing and relaxing in a bubbly way (think bubble bath bubbles and not bubblegum bubbles).

In this latest iteration you are a freewheeling tank (no tower defense this time around). You burst other bubbles and collect them to level up. You can choose different ways to level rapid fire gunnery vs. high defense vs. heavy but slow cannons, etc.

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 19:18

Time Waster - Smash Car Clicker'

Written by Katy England

Oh, idle games, you're here to stay. There's something about a game that plays itself that makes you, the player feel more than a little redundant. Yes, when you are playing you win faster; yes, you have to add upgrades to ensure you win more but ultimately, the game doesn't need you. And yet, here we are.

'Smash Car Clicker' is just such a game. Like most incremental games, you do play an active role in the beginning. Your job is to crush cars by jumping on them. You are paid per jump. You guessed it, you jump when you click (or tap, or whatever you happen to be using for an interface). The faster you click, the faster you make money. You can also call your friends and they can help you make more money. You pay for upgrades for them and for you to make more money faster.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 17:39

Time Waster - 3D Solitaire'

Written by Sue D. Nym

All laptops, smart phones and tablets are being distributed with a new version of the classic solitaire game: '3D Solitaire.' This game comes separate from your device. Wrapped in a six-sided, multi-fold carrier called a 'deck' you will receive 52 3D printed objects called 'cards.'

The user interface is highly advanced. You interact directly with the cards, laying them out in front of you (this is called 'dealing'). The cards respond to your every move flipping when you flip them with your actual fingers. The tactile sensation of the cards is a nice touch, and the card flipping sound is amazing.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 18:57

Time Waster - MemRise

Written by Katy England

This Time Waster may not be entirely accurate, since you may not actually be wasting your time. However, time does pass, it's fun and competitive, and it's free. So quite a bit of the criteria are met; you'll have to decide.

MemRise is an online learning tool that allows you to learn new languages or brush up on those you may have let fall to the wayside after high school or college. We're talking hundreds of languages, including modern languages as well as the classics of Ancient Greek, Latin, Ancient Egyptian and Anglo Saxon (Old English).

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 14:46

Time Waster - Don't Escape 2'

Written by Katy England

There are various games that task you with trying to escape from a pixelated room of some kind. 'Don't Escape 2' is a play on that concept, but rather than trying to get out, you're trying to ward off the hungry dead.

You and your friend Bill, who has been bitten by a zombie (and we all know what happens when you are bitten by a zombie), have found an abandoned building. You have until sunset to fortify your position. Eight hours seems like a long time, until you realize that some of the things you have to do take large chunks of that time, especially if you are doing them alone.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 16:40

Time Waster - Burrito Bison: Revenge'

Written by Katy England

Don't you hate it when you've launched yourself out of whimsical candy land filled with gummi bears that you have squished, pummeled and otherwise reduced to jelly only find you've left your wallet behind? Yeah, so does Burrito Bison. That's why he's returned to the ring to fight once more and reclaim his wallet the rightfully belongs to him.

Because you need a legitimate reason to play this game. Right?

Tuesday, 03 March 2015 20:00

Time Waster - The Enchanted Cave 2'

Written by Katy England

If mini-RPGs are your thing, then this game is your thing. This game is a dungeon crawl of epic proportions. You play a curious hero who has heard about an enchanted cave filled with treasure. You can enter, but the only way to leave is by finding a set of enchanted wings which is actually very easy.

What isn't so easy is knowing when to use them. When you start, you're a green stick. You don't have much in the way of health or gear, both of which change as you make your way deeper into the dungeon. You'll probably find your wings on the second or third tier. The trick is, when you use your wings you lose all your gear that isn't an 'artifact' (artifacts are highlighted in gold). So if you had a really spiffy sword of fire, you lose it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:15

Time Waster - Adult Wednesday Adams'

Written by Katy England

Media is changing, and how we are entertained is changing with it. YouTube has some righteously solid offerings for your viewing pleasure, and you will not be disappointed if you check out Adult Wednesday Addams.

Proper credits for this find go out to Zachary Adams (no relations to the Addams Family), a mixed martial arts enthusiast who shared this link on Facebook.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 13:04

Time Waster - Multitask 2'

Written by Katy England

This game is awesome and infuriating at the same time. The premise is to play games simultaneously for as long as you can. Each basic game is simple in and of itself. One requires you to avoid little arrows coming at your cursor. Others have you making jumps over small gaps, balancing a red dot on a line or avoiding a triangle coming at your semi-circle.

You wouldn't have an issue with any one of these games on their own. But the goal is to see how long you can play more than one at a time sometimes up to four at a time (maybe more, but since the author could barely cut it playing four, talented readers will have to find out for themselves).

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