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Motivation RPG

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Let's face it, becoming a healthy person is hard. It's not always that it's difficult to find the time, but that it's difficult to find that little sliver of motivation to spur you into action. Just think for a second about how much time you waste in front of your computer. We're helping you do that right now.

Well, this helps to counteract that. Using a very basic role playing game (RPG) format, Motivation RPG prompts you to do small things that improve your overall lifestyle, from eating healthy to getting some exercise. Your reward is also winning in the mini-game. As you progress, you can upgrade your equipment and spells and destroy your enemies in new and hilarious was (currently my armor is a loincloth and I strike foes with a tennis racket). 

You can control how strenuous the activity is, and even what you do at work vs. at the office.

You may even argue that this isn't actually wasting your time, but I don't think any of us wants to walk down that dark road.


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