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Monty's Moon

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I love a decent launcher game, and that is the long and the short of what 'Monty's Moon' is. You control Monty the Monkey who has struck out in love on Earth, so he sets his sights on the Moon. But in order to get there he needs to launch himself repeatedly, braving flying birds and other obstacles (mostly birds, lots and lots of stupid birds) on his way to the moon.

This game follows the typical fail-then-upgrade motif. As you soar through the air, you are collecting bananas that you then trade for better technology. The better your tech, the higher you go. But you still crash back down to earth, time and time again. You can get better outfits, better bunches of banana, more fuel, etc.

As you progress you can inexplicably find things like extra gas and more jet power-ups.

There are an ungodly amount of feathered avians up there to avoid. They impede your progress by slowing your ascent. They are offset by boosters, but I find it immersion breaking that there are toucans at that elevation. But that's just nitpicking.

It has been pointed out, and I have to agree, that you can miss hitting a banana by a fraction of a pixel, but it seems you smash into birds with an almost magnetic frequency.

The game was developed by and can be found on (or your favorite free game site).


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