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Haunt the House

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You're a ghost, and there are a bunch of real, live people occupying your house. This upsets you. So you do what any adorable, blue-collar (ruffly blue collar, I might add) ghost would do: you scare the pants off them so they leave.

Ah, but there's a fine line between spooking someone enough so they run screaming out the door and terrifying them to the point that they throw themselves out the window of the uppermost floor. Your goal is to get rid of as many as you can (otherwise, your peaceful existence as the lone haunt ends and you have to share space with the unfortunate people you drove to an early grave serves you right, really).

The game mechanics are pretty simple and 'Haunt the House' can be played with just the keyboard. When you are in ghost form, no one can see you. But you can possess many, many objects in the game and cause a wide variety of frights in the people in the room. Causing multiple people a fright simultaneously saves time. The types of scares you can perform cause different levels of fear, and the overall level of fear in the entire house is monitored at the bottom. The scarier the house, the more scares you can perform.

In all honestly, this game lasts a little too long and doesn't have quite as much control as I'd like. I feel like I'm just mashing buttons most of the time. But it's made up for in a small way by the cute animations for each scare. I just wish I had more of an impact on the directionality of the fleeing. It doesn't appear that I do. But I concede I could be just doing it wrong.

You can find 'Haunt the House' free on Armor Games ( It was developed by Super Smash Brothers, art by Adam Vian and coding by Tom Vian.


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