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Cursed Treasure II'

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Cursed Treasure II' Cursed Treasure II'

Regular readers of this column will be aware of my deep love of tower defense games. I find them to be the ideal way of wasting my time. Typically, you can control the flow of the game meaning you can stop and go depending on what's going on in your life. Waiting on hold? I can play a round or two. Kids napping? Let's destroy some adventurers!

It's great; I'm not committing myself to an endless deluge of monsters or zombies. I can waste my time when I want to waste it, not when the game wants me to.

One of my favorite tower defense games of all time was 'Cursed Treasure' and Iry Soft's Level pack that came out a short time later (more levels, but basically the same game). In this second iteration of the game, you once again play the role of an evil overlord who just wants to be left in peace to enjoy his hoard of gems. But no, wave after wave of irritating heroes are at your doorstep trying to steal your jewels for their own purposes. So you erect towers of cunning evil to destroy them before they can touch your gems. Well, that's the plan anyway.

The basics of the game are similar to the past incarnations of 'Cursed Treasure' - three towers (Orcish, Demonic and Undead) with different powers. As you complete levels and gain experience, you can put points in various areas to become more powerful and reap rewards as you mow down bards, fighters and mages.

But there are some interesting changes in not only the towers and your enemies, but even how the lay of the land works. The basics are the same, but the towers have different options for growth as they level up. New evils have been designed to give you, the evil ruler, options. What them to die screaming in terror? Try the Undead Tower of Terror. Sick of that? When you get to the top tier, you can opt for scaring their pants off or zapping them with lightening.

But just as your towers have improved, so have the bad guys er, good guys. You will see many a familiar face, but you'll also be tackling foes who can fly over water, disappear and, eventually, disable your towers' ability to fire.

The only thing I didn't care for was how cute everything got. The good guys have big round eyes (you could never see these from the completely top-down perspective from the previous games). This has the somewhat unnerving effect of making you feel like you're destroying power-puff kids or something. But that is really my only complaint thus far.

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