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Mochigames's latest offering combines a turn-based fighter with gem-swapping action. You can play as either Ryu, an adorable space-puppy who dishes out some Kung-fu action; or Pixel, a kitty of the future who slices and dices enemies with her claws.

The action is meted out by swapping gems, matching three of a kind will grant your avatar certain powers basic attack, power attack, healing, counter-attack or defense. If you match four of a kind you get an extra turn. Match five on a corner and you get a black hole that sucks in surrounding gems and allows you to use all it hits (it makes sense when you do it, and it's awesome). And if you match five in a row you get a rainbow black hole and allows you to take all gems of that color off the board.

You fight nine increasingly difficult foes, the last being a major pain. He (it?) is considerably stronger and hits harder than anyone you previously faced, which is a little frustrating, considering the comparative ease with which I slammed my other foes. Well, at least the players are cute.

Luck of the draw plays a large part in how well any character will do. Strategy is also important, but can quickly fly out the window if your opponent (or you, for that matter) get a match cascade.

Once you defeat the game with either Ryu or Pixel you unlock another cute hero: Bit. Which, all things considered, is kind of a meh reward.

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