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The Ballad of The Villager

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With the advent of an HD version of 'Age of Empires II,' my friends and I have been replaying the original to brush up on our skills. After a few games, we started to notice some incredibly odd things about the world that 'AoE2' resides in, such as the fact that trees are more hardy than most walls. That got my imagination going, and I had to wonder, what do the denizens of this weird place actually think about what's going on? My next thought that the best person to tell this tale of woe and oddity would be one of the immortal villagers who has been chopping wood since the Dark Ages. The rest, as they say, is poetry.

I don't ask for very much

Not very much at all.

I know my job, chopping wood

Through spring, through summer, through fall.

I haven't offered any breaks

I haven't hinted for respite - 

Not to complain, there's no disdain

Because chopping is my life.

But there's a thing I'd like to offer

Just one thing I'd like to gauge.

For 600 years, I've been working here

Literally chopping for an age.

That's not the only odd thing

That happens in this place

Of wonders grand, and castles span,

But some things just don't make sense.

Swordsmen attack stone walls

That burst into walls of flames.

There's priests so frail, their bodies pale

Carrying huge relics with a cane.

I never thought of siege weapons

As having religious intentions,

But I watched in total shock

As a catapult became a Christian.

And near the village center

The farmers are set in their ways

They'll farm for days, their farm ablaze

But it never affects their stock.

And my fellow lumberjacks

Have a similar dearth of fear

When wolves attack - alas, alack - 

They continue making beams.

And if you're giving transport

Across the open seas

Ten elephants will pass the test

But 11 archers kill buoyancy.

But what do I really know?

Even with my ancient age

All I can say is, in my stay

The things I've seen are strange.


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