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Smashingly Good News!

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Nintendo outlines the fourth Smash Bros.'

On April 8, Nintendo hosted one of their online news sessions (known as Directs) for the brandiest-newest 'Smash Bros.' game coming out. Simply known as 'Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U/3DS,' most of the information about the game had been gleaned from daily screenshots and sparse video footage from the developer, but with this Direct, Nintendo opened the floodgates and gave us a whopping 39 minutes of info. Here are some of the bullet points:

Release date: Where the game was being released on the 3DS and the Wii-U, there was a bit of puzzlement regarding how they were going to release the game on both platforms without cannibalizing the sales of either. This was answered with a summer 2014 release window for the 3DS version and a winter 2014 release window for the Wii-U version, giving both of them ample time to breathe without forcing consumers to make a choice between them all at once.

Smash Run: A brand-new game mode was announced exclusively for the wee Wii-wannabe 3DS. Players will be dropped into a dungeon-like battlefield to collect powerups by defeating enemies. After five minutes, the players new stats from their powerups are tallied, and players duke it out with their powered-up characters.

Customizable movesets: This feature still remains a bit mysterious, but it looks like each character is going to have the option of switching up their repertoire. For instance, you can have the ability to change Mario's classic fireball for something a bit larger and slower, but much more powerful. You won't need to worry about having to guess which moveset a player is using in random online matches, though, as customizable movesets will only be available during local play and online matches with friends. Speaking of online

Online game modes: When you pop into the online mode of the newest 'Smash Bros.', you'll be greeted with two options: For Fun and For Glory. For Fun is exactly what it sounds like, with items being active and all stages available. For Glory is pretty darn close to the old meme of 'No Items, Final Destination, Fox Only,' as all of the matches will be with no items and only on Final Destination. However, almost all stages have a Final Destination form, so the scenery shouldn't become bland when you're working your way up the ranks. Ranking in For Glory is measured by something called Smash Power, and is basically a raw number of how many people you're better than rather than a traditional ranking system.

New characters (and changes to old ones): Nintendo confirmed the return of fan favorites Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Zelda, and Sheik, but in the sense that they would no longer transform into their usual doppleganger. Samus and ZSS will retain their usual selves after a Final Smash, and Zelda and Sheik will have new moves to replace their former switcharoo. Greninja and Charizard were announced as playable Pokemon, along with the return of everybody's favorite green dinosaur, Yoshi.

After watching all of this with bated breath, I can tell you that this Nintendo fan is going to have a long, hard wait until summer ... and then until winter.

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