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Smartphone strategies to supplement memory and stay organized

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Modern life can be overwhelming. Keeping track of multiple to-do lists, appointments, meetings and other obligations can push our memory and attention spans to the limit, leaving little room for much else. To overcome these challenges, savvy smartphone owners are turning to some surprisingly simple yet effective tricks to capture information, supplement their memory and avoid becoming overwhelmed by mundane details.

At U.S.Cellular, we're passionate about the many ways mobile devices can simplify and enhance our customers' busy lives. As cutting-edge devices like the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 become more ubiquitous, people are using them in clever and fun ways to help stay ahead of modern life's demands whether here at home in Bangor or while traveling across the country.

According to a recent U.S.Cellularsurvey, 61 percent of mobile device owners never leave their phone at home. Those who rely on their smartphone as a constant companion often use built-in features to simplify their lives. For example, 54 percent use their phone as an alarm clock, and 42 percent use their phone to take pictures or record video.

U.S.Cellularrecommends the following tips and tricks to help smartphone users free their minds from mundane details, so they can focus on the essentials.

Repurpose smartphone cameras.Whether engaged in a presentation at work or a lecture at school, stay present by abandoning the pen and notebook simply take a photo of the white board or the presentation to review later. Capture a snapshot of prescription bottles and the contents of the fridge before heading to the store, and photograph parking locations to free up mental memory space.

Set alarms and notifications.It's hard to recall minor scheduling details. That's why 42 percent of smartphone owners use the calendar on their phones to keep track of appointments and events at least once a day. Use the calendar to reassign tasks and receive reminders, and set alarms to get a head start on the day and manage time efficiently.

Take notes and make lists.Today many people use their phones to take notes and stay organized. Digital notes are always there, and are harder to lose than a sheet of paper. Keep track of multiple to-do lists for home, work and everything in between using the smartphone's built-in notes app. Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPad Pro have stylus options that make note taking even easier.

Record important information.Take advantage of the audio recording feature on smartphones and record memorable conversations or meetings to revisit later and transcribe. Save voice memos and audio reminders to stay organized on the go.


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