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Reblog, Reblog, Reblog!

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Tumblr was founded in February of 2007, but never has it been more popular than it is right now. It is currently rated the 36th most popular web site on the Internet according to Alexa ranking, and unlike Pinterest it caters to males and females equally in its content and users.

The microblogging platform and social networking web site allows users to post pictures, gifs (moving images), videos, music, text and other content all over their own personal blog. They are able to follow other users, and there is no pressure for the person to return the favor and follow back.

Katie Lynn Todd is a sophomore at Husson University who has had Tumblr since Feb. 11, 2012 and spends three hours a day on the site. She discusses how she isn't "Tumblr famous" and would still have a Tumblr even if no one followed her.

"Tumblr is addicting because it's almost like an interactive journal,' she said. 'No matter what you're feeling on a given day, there's going to be someone that's feeling the exact same way you are. So you log on and reblog all these pictures that fit your mood and then the dashboard just goes on forever and ever and you lose track of time as you're reblogging.'

Todd takes advantage of the Tumblr community being more accepting than the Facebook community.

"I post so much stuff on Tumblr that I never would on Facebook. Part of it is because I just feel like you know and interact with more people on Facebook in real life than you do with those on Tumblr,' Todd said. "I post a lot more political stuff on Tumblr than I do on Facebook, simply because I just don't want to get into those annoying debates that appear on everyone's newsfeed. You get to express yourself and 'vent' without risk of judgment from the people you know on Facebook."

Kelly Rosado, 22, loves Tumblr for the cats and acceptance that she finds on the site.

"I feel like I am more me on Tumblr,' Rosado said. 'I don't like broadcasting my issues on Facebook, because no one cares. I don't expect people to care. Tumblr is very cathartic."

Sierra Blanchard got a Tumblr a couple years ago after one of her best friends introduced her to Tumblr. She follows 61 people and has 24 followers, compared to the almost 1,000 friends she has on Facebook.

"I post whatever I want. On Facebook I tend to limit what I post based on the fact that people get annoyed with too many updates,' said Blanchard.

Kaylee Bourassa has only had her Tumblr for a couple months, but she already spends almost three hours a day on the site reblogging funny pictures of animals. She follows 32 people and has 12 followers.

Olek Sterzycki has had Tumblr since March 2011 and he proves that Tumblr isn't just for girls.

"I like the idea of picture blogging, and in my opinion Tumblr is a lot better than Pinterest," he said.

Sterzycki and many others agree that Tumblr is a great way to escape from the real world and real friends and just let loose and post things without feeling fear of judgment.


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