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‘PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Mobile’ picks a good fight

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With over 10 million downloads on both the IOS and Android stores, I think it's time we talk about a game called “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Mobile”. For short, we will call it “PUBG”. There has been a large amount of talk in the gaming world about “PUBG,” but what is it all about? Well, it's very similar to a game I covered a few months ago called “Fortnite,” but it is less complex in a way, yet somehow just as addicting.

“PUBG: Mobile” is a free-for-all battle-royale game that started its roots on PC. After amassing an extremely large player-base and taking the industry by storm, “PUBG” has made its way onto mobile phones so anyone can enjoy what it has to offer. “PUBG” sees you flying over an extremely large island, with 99 other players, and parachuting down to anywhere you choose. With nothing but a pair of underwear on your body, and a large amount of hopes and dreams, you must land on the map and proceed to scavenge and loot your way to ultimate survival.

Many weapons are scattered throughout the map, as well as melee weapons, health kits, body armor, and much more; the items you stumble upon will aid you on your quest to becoming the last man standing. With a solo, duo and extremely fun four-man squad mode, you can either go at this task by yourself, or try to gain a team victory over the opposition by playing with your friends.

That's right, this is a game you can invite anyone you know to play with you!

The map in “PUBG” is massive. So large, in fact, that in the 20 games I've played of it thus far, I feel as if I have barely scratched its surface. Which brings up another big plus; every match is completely different. With such a large island to land on, a variety of towns to hide in, and the loot being randomly spawned, no one game ever seems to play out like the last. Landing in the same spot in two different games will leave you with a different assortment of gear, and sometimes, none at all. There is also a randomized circle that shows up on the map, which shrinks slowly until it pushes everyone together who is left alive into one place. Anyone outside the circle will meet a slow, painful demise. This leads games to finish in different areas and keep the action moving.

If this game were a Sci-Fi Tom Cruise movie, I would call it “Loot. Run. Die. Repeat.” It seems like “PUBG” would get old after a few matches of this repeating loop, but the random combinations of the aforementioned make for an almost unlimited number of possible outcomes, and that keeps you coming back. This same variety also lets you play in any style you would like. Want to be aggressive and shoot your way to the final showdown? Go ahead Rambo. Want to play it stealthy by hiding and sneaking into becoming the last man standing; only fighting when you have to? You sound like Batman. Do you like using a 20x scope, sitting miles away from anyone, and taking out your opponents with a sniper rifle? Okay Bobby Lee Swagger, you can play too.

Sometimes the aggressive approach can carry you all the way to the finale. However, being smart and tactical can yield just as favorable of a result. No matter how you play, winning a match and having the motto “Winner-Winner-Chicken-Dinner” pop up on your phone screen is satisfying. Once you do it, you’ll only crave it more.

“PUBG” is extremely fun and I have yet to pull myself away from what it has to offer. I hope I'm not to blame if any type of addiction is caused from this time waster! “PUBG” is free to download on multiple platforms.


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