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New app reinvents MTV for the YouTube generation

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New MTV App New MTV App

The music you love speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. Those who are most passionate about their music also tend to spread the word about why that music is important to them. It can be a revealing method of social networking.  

A new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Stereotypes makes it possible to not only share favorite music videos from YouTube, it allows users to become a 'VJ' by recording a short video introduce it. Think of it as a new take on MTV for the YouTube generation.  

Jason Keck, Stereotypes founder and former head of music development for Shazam, says that the idea for the new app had been brewing for some time. 'Growing up around music and technology in New Orleans, I always had this idea about giving people a better way to communicate using music,' Keck said in a phone interview last week. 'We decided to build a music messaging app, which was the first incarnation of Stereotype.'

Earlier this year, Keck and his team launched a group messaging app which allows users to send music videos to each other as a method of staying in touch. 'And then we build those videos into a playlist that you can lean back and listen to,' Keck said.

What they discovered was that users enjoyed the ability to communicate via music video as opposed to merely linking to an audio stream. They also found that there was a subset of users who appeared to be doing most of the work. 

'The users were very passionate, so we noodled on how we can serve these passionate users in a better way,' Keck said. 'As a child of the '80s and '90s, we immediately thought of MTV and asked, What if we gave everyone what they really wanted?' which was the opportunity to be a VJ. We created a way to do that with our app.'

The new app was officially launched on Aug. 1 - not coincidentally, MTV's 32nd birthday. Assisting with the rollout was original MTV VJ Alan Hunter. 'Alan is very technically savvy and was excited about the idea of this app. He was very open to working with us on it,' Keck said. 'In addition to Alan, we also have two comedians from MTV's 'Guy Code' Jermaine Fowler and Jeff Dye.'

Keck says that Stereotypes, like its users, will be constantly evolving. While the app is currently available only for Apple products, plans are in the works for an Android version. 'This is only the beginning. We've set it up in such a way that makes it very easy for people to figure out what to share because of the unique twist of putting questions in the app. The way you post videos on Stereotypes is that every video is the answer to a question. We release five questions every day. For example, things like, Hey it's hot outside. What's hot on your playlist?' or What song reminds you of a high school dance?' Things that are very personal and kind of tease at who you are. Soon we'll be releasing a feature that allows users to ask their own questions, either to other VJs or to a group of followers.' 

Combining the best of old-school MTV's VJs and music videos with elements of new-school MTV's reality programming, Stereotypes allows users to communicate a personal brand in a brand new way.  

Check out the new Stereotypes app at this link:

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